who is itsakoolife?

Who is itsakoolife? Me! I’m the one in this picture who looks different than the others. The rest of those handsome guys are my clan. Together, we are the Koo family.

IMG_1999My name is Rebecca Koo and I break the rule of a well-known publishing guru who says not to write about yourself. However, in my defense, I am not so sure what my readers come here for is to hear about me. I think they come here to find someone who relates to them.

On my good days, I can put into words what many people experience but have trouble articulating. We are all human, and while I spent a large portion of my life trying to deny the reality of the human experience, now I am completely enamored by it.

I am fascinated and riveted when I hear a song or read an article or listen to a story that poignantly captures the truth of someone’s relatable human experience. Because we are all here together and it is so beautifully wonderful not to feel alone.

In this world of mind-blowing technology, I find myself in search of more heart and soul. I appreciate good wit, to be sure, but I need honesty, vulnerability, and depth to truly satisfy and keep me coming back for more.

IMG_1915So that is what I aim to offer here. Some heart, some soul, some imperfect and yet oddly beautiful humanity for my readers. Feel free to let me know what you think and what you experience in my writing. I am always looking to learn more about myself and others.

Here are some favorite posts, take a look for yourself and see what you think:


you matter

potato chips and chocolate


16 thoughts on “who is itsakoolife?

  1. Linsey Wildey says:

    Rebes! I finally got onto your blog! As I read through several of the posts, all I could do was smile. Smile because God has gifted you as a writer, smile because you are living out of your true desire and true self, smile because I can hear your voice in your writing, smile knowing that I am a bit more in touch with your life, thoughts, and struggles. Love you dearly – keep writing!

  2. I look forward to reading every new post. Thank you for writing and sharing:)

  3. miq says:

    Your posts are awesome. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog.

  4. […] honor of this fun global-ness, (and because it was time) I re-vampted the who is itsakoolife? page. You might want to take a gander. I even put up some new […]

  5. I LOVE the re-vamp! …and YOU!

  6. Beautiful. 🙂
    you touched that string in my heart that makes my eyes water my soul

  7. rebecca koo says:

    Wow, thank you! Such a compliment!

  8. Sally Graver says:

    Dearest Becca, Absolutely wonderful. I had no idea you were such a writer! Excellent. Love you so much, Aunt Sally

  9. Kristal Johnson says:

    I love this blog. The way you articulate emotions and experiences is beautiful. It’s eloquent and make sense to me. Keep em comin!

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