where on earth have I been???

I really thought I would have gotten more done by now. My children have been in school for over a month now. All of them.

Aren’t they so cute on the first day?


Today I took some time to review my last few posts here. I was reacquainting myself. Reconnecting with that woman who does her best to put her soul into words and claim it by writing on her little corner in cyber space.

That woman has still been musing, still been creating, still been learning and growing. Still writing even. Just less and not on here.

Not because I don’t love what here is, because I do. I am so grateful to have readers who meet me in this place, who see me for what I offer, who peek inside themselves and share with me that I am not alone.

But I also have some safety issues. I’ve alluded to them here and there. They pop their head up every once in a while and prevent me from sharing what I want to share on this particular blog.

My battle with them has been a bit more present than normal the last several months, if that makes sense to any of you. That’s the yuck part.


The yay! part is that I have also been embarking on new adventures. “Digging in” was the main theme of the summer. The boys and I did not do all that much. We stayed home and were together a lot. We enjoyed a slower pace. We rested. We dug in to time at home. Insert deep breath.


Mostly I loved it. Sometimes I had to fight the voices that like to tell me my value is in how much I am doing. That I’m “supposed” to live life at a fast pace or I don’t count for squat. I learned that living within my boundaries – not writing on my blog for instance because I simply can’t do it all – takes practice. So staying home might not seem like an adventure, but it was, and I think it was really good for all of us.


I also dug into our Lego collection. I sorted them. I know. You’re right. I might be a little insane. I can’t really explain it other than I needed to. Sorting Legos was my cathartic way to process the fact that my children are growing up.

And staying home allowed for me to have time for working on my yard. And I actually wanted to, can you believe it? I’ve been working hard. Digging and pulling and clearing and watering and digging and digging. Our yard is a far cry from what it was back on my Insideout post.

 IMG_2653 IMG_2704

I have decided that pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are about the MOST exciting thing a new grow-er can plant.

IMG_2705 IMG_2752

And I have been dreaming new dreams. I have discovered something in me that needs to be pursued. And that involves grad school.


11 thoughts on “where on earth have I been???

  1. Sheila blakeley says:

    Great share thank you and as always i luv the pics

  2. Gail Michaelis says:

    Thank you for showing up, from right where you are. I ALWAYS enjoy your stories and even relate to some. Congratulations on your decision for grad school, that is a big commitment, especially with a young family, AND I’m pretty sure you will do great !
    I am a friend of Karen’s and met you at VP Church, also had the pleasure of a piece of the very delicious cake you made for Andy’s birthday..
    I didn’t really think about missing your post until I got to read this one today…

    • Rebecca Koo says:

      Oh thank you Gail!!! I know exactly who you are! Such a treat to get to meet you a few weeks ago! And I’m glad you liked the cake! 🙂

      • 🙂 🙂 to both of you!! Also, I just think it’s fun to come back and visit and to see what a difference a year makes!! The boys look so much older…just one year, right?! Love you much & excited about your new adventure!!

  3. Sue says:

    Becca…grad school?

  4. Jamie says:

    I can’t get over how big your boys are!!!!

  5. Simon Marsh says:

    And now 2014 arrived already – and so I just wanted to wish for you and yours a wonderfully happy new year. Joy and peace for you, as ever, Simon x

    • Rebecca Koo says:

      Thank you Simon! I got your comment via email some time ago now, I just had not been back on to reply yet. Thank you. I am so grateful for your light! Keep shining!

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