chicken fingers

This was a celebration for me. A marker of growth, of change for the good.

A few years ago, I let myself see an ugliness inside of me. It was something I tried to hide from for years before that. I was too ashamed to admit, even to myself.

I have resisted writing about my ugliness because it comes out in context with one of my sons and it is my ugliness, not his. I would never want for him to someday read my writing and do what we as children always do, internalize our parent’s brokenness as our own defectiveness.

But these chicken fingers were just too much to pass up. So here I go.

chicken fingers

I have had trouble accepting my middle son for exactly who he is. Don’t get me wrong, simultaneously I recognize and love what he brings to the table and how he gets me outside myself.

But he’s different than me. And when it comes to being different, I like to think I am the right way and anyone else is the wrong way. Apparently that includes my children. Great.

He likes to make messes and struggles to clean them up. He’s well liked and sweet and tender and makes some pretty great choices on who to be friends with, but he’s also just a little bit…..awkward. Quirky. Unique.

And he doesn’t like words. And words are how I function. They’re my strong suit.

But that’s not how he wants to be loved. He is intuitive. He senses what is going on behind the scenes, in my heart. So that means I have to actually work through my issues instead of just covering them up by using the right words.


chicken fingers-3

What kind of mother has trouble accepting her child?

I will tell you.

The kind of mother who has trouble accepting herself. Fully. Un-conditionally. Wholeheartedly.

Because what Brene Brown says is true. We can only accept others to the degree we accept ourselves.

Finally, eventually, I became safe enough to myself to go below the surface and deal with the issues that lie beneath. The process has been slow and scary.

But bit by bit, I work my way through. I have in no way arrived, but I am not where I used to be. And these chicken fingers told me so.

We call this Abby’s chicken. There are eggs and flour and dredging involved which means….messes. And my Colby loves to embrace a good mess.

chicken fingers-5

Which is exactly why I avoid cooking with him. Because undoubtedly my perfectionism flares and I end up sending messages either spoken or unspoken that he is wrong for being the way that he is. Lovely.

But this time, I delighted in Colby and his chicken fingers. I laughed and celebrated his jois de vive. I let go and embraced the process. And of course, I had to take pictures, which he loved.

Growth shows in the little things. Like making chicken with my son. And enjoying it. And more importantly, enjoying him.

13 thoughts on “chicken fingers

  1. says:

    Rebecca, I loved this article!!! A lot of wisdom. Susie

  2. hiddinsight says:

    I know how scary it can be to explore the dark places. I had to smile a secret smile because I have to practise breathing slowly and calmly when my kids are in the kitchen with me! Congrats on the chicken fingers 🙂

  3. SOOO love and relate to this post!! And LOVE and relate to Colby 😉 I make a few messes where I go, too-just ask Carl! 😉 LOL

  4. free penny press says:

    Such an honest and loving post.. Your Colby reminds me of my Brittany..I too have learned to relax and accept the messiness and realize her person means way more than clothes on the bedroom floor..
    You are a really good Mother 🙂

  5. Kristal Johnson says:

    Love, Love, Love this post! It’s so wonderful that you can tell us those not-so-pleasing thoughts and feelings we all know we hide, so you can lift us up and provide meaning. I have learned SO many things from you, but the one I think about ALL the time goes a little like this – It’s okay to be lost, it’s okay to be a mess, and it’s more than okay to be human. Oh and also to “follow the tears.” I love following your example. Thanks Rebecca!

    • Rebecca Koo says:

      Oh how I love you my friend!!! You are so very dear to me. Grateful that you can glean those things from me as I am learning them myself. I think that is part of what is meant by lifelong learner…. 🙂

  6. Sheila blakeley says:

    Luv and embrace him with your entire heart. His intrinsic unique talents with catupult him into his awesomeness to what he is to become which can only happen in a safe loving nurturing environment ……beautiful transparency Rebecca our children will l live our shortcomings kudos to u

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