her vs me

Why do I do this to myself? This is one of the more prickly things I do to myself.

I am pitting her against me (in my head of course) and telling myself all the reasons why I am the loser. Why she is better, prettier, more together, more successful…..you get the idea.

Then there is the subsequent battle about why she is really terrible after all. Because I might just feel a tinge better about the fact that I am losing this battle in my brain if the truth turns out to be that she is terrible.

Then I tell myself all the reasons why her happiness and success in life came so easily. Anyone could do what she has done if they had as much money as her. If they had as much beauty as she does. If they had as much influence as she has been given.

And it all swirls together up there and becomes a disgusting mess. And I kind of want to throw up all over myself.

At about that moment, a light dawns in. I don’t know where it came from. I’m just thankful.

Wait. Stop. Think.

Do you really want her life so badly? So what if she has 20 million gazillion readers who email and facebook and tweet all of her great writing to all of their 100 million gazillion friends.

If you had her life, you wouldn’t have yours.

So instead of thinking about how valuable her life is, I start to think about the value in mine. My kids. My husband. My friends. My writing. My journey.

And I realize I really like my life. Comparing myself to someone else is maybe not the best thing for me. Because I have not been given her life. I have been given mine.

12 thoughts on “her vs me

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    That’s right. You’re great unto yourself. She doesn’t define you. She defines herself. You are beautifully and wonderfully made just as you are.

  2. theharbormom says:

    Whew. At first I thought it was me. Not the blog I was hoping for after your visit! Well said, by the way. Once I stopped thinking about myself, I was able to get the point. Love you, Friend!

    • Rebecca Koo says:

      You are hilarious!!! No, this is about no one who reads my blog. Maybe I should have written that as a disclaimer in the beginning! Thank you my friend. Loved my visit. Can’t wait for another!

  3. Kristal Johnson says:

    Great reminder!

  4. Susan E. Townsend says:

    I loved this very meaningful article. You are beautiful inside and out; your writing exposes a loving, gentle soul – don’t change. Some day you will be the subject of a gazillion tweets, FB comments, etc. etc. because your writing touches the heart and resonates with everyday, common people like me. Develop yourself – you are unique. Love ya!

  5. Annette says:

    Sweet friend…this is an age-old battle for me. And it doesn’t help when I begin to handily list all of my past sins that I believe complete the exact reason I am not yet…fill in the blank. Ugh! Turning off the toxic voices. Re-wallpapering my mind with the Truth. Listening for His voice, the one who calls me PERFECT (Heb 10:14). This is what I desire. Thank you for the reminder! Love you so.

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