contentment, desire, goal, & fun

The color is pink. And I am dying about it.

Of course my husband is happy about the fact that it has an Asus motherboard, “Because they have been making reliable motherboards for years now.” Doesn’t everyone know that?

And he is happy because he is the one who was thorough enough to actually spot the deal. And even though it wasn’t free, he is The King of Free and if there is a deal to be had, he will find it.

We went to Best Buy today with a very excited 12 year old. My son had a good chunk of money saved and announced that he was going to get himself a Chromebook.

Proud boy with his new toy...

Proud boy with his new toy…

While we were there my husband’s plan was for us to check out the other things we might have an interest in. You know, gather information. He is always planning for the future.

I wasn’t expecting anything. I had resigned myself that it would take us months, but eventually we would save for the Surface I so desperately want. And until then I would remain thankful that my friend gave me Harley. Even though he has been showing increased signs of old age, he is still chugging along. I can easily remain thankful for him.

So I was in to content-mode. Then my eagle-eye husband told me he might have found something. As usual when he starts talking techie, I took a while to figure out what he was saying. He is super smart about the insides of computers. And he knows all the lingo. I get a little glassy-eyed but I also get a little impressed. Maybe a lot. And maybe a little turned on too.

I started asking about the finances, convinced I would tell him its okay, I don’t really need this right now, I can wait. But then Jered the Best Buy guy looked at the box and told us the laptop in question was pink. And it was they only one they had left for that price.

I died.

I tried to stay very level headed about the whole thing, keep my cool and err on the side of caution, but my insides were telling me this was a sign from God. This laptop was made for me.

Her name is Charlie.

Her name is Charlie.

My sweet husband. He loves me. The laptop is theoretically a family laptop, but let’s remember, it’s pink. We all know what that means.

So I have a new goal for 2013. Truthfully it has been a desire for a while but with the turn of the new year I get to call it a goal and approach it more intentionally. And the purchase of a new hot pink laptop makes it all the more fun and attainable.

Write. More.

How about you?

6 thoughts on “contentment, desire, goal, & fun

  1. Yes, yes! Write more for me, too! And to be better about keeping up with your blog, which is so very close to my heart. ❤

    And Pink is my favorite color! Congrats on the beautiful new laptop! Very well deserved. xoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Rebecca Koo says:

      Thank you dear friend! I love it. I love you and I love your writing! I am just catching up now, so ditto for me on the second part of yours as well! Should be much easier now as my laptop doesn’t stall constantly and eat up my reading time! Love you dearly! 🙂

  2. free penny press says:

    New laptops are like nirvana to the writer.. (mine is red so hands off to everyone)
    here’s to a new year of good writing on your snazzy new laptop!!

  3. 4x6daily says:

    oh goodness, how GOOD is GOD! yesssss!
    Charlie is a lucky gal to be in the Koo Family!!!! ❤

    • Rebecca Koo says:

      Thank you Miss Mia!!! Can we be sure to do coffee this month? I can’t make it to Julie’s wedding (SO SAD!!!) so maybe we can get together after so you can show me all your pics? I will be there vicariously through you! Love you friend! 🙂

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