my minivan and me

Is this as good as I get?

As a vibrant, young bride-to-be, this question unexpectedly nagged my psyche. I had always dreamed of looking my “best ever” on my wedding day. But as the day drew near, I began to think about the days after I was a blushing bride.

Would it be all downhill from there?

Fortunately, that question disappeared as I walked around in my white dress next to the man I love, surrounded by all the people we cherish, brilliant colors bursting from the flowers and delighting my eyes wherever they looked.

And then yesterday when I was vacuuming out my minivan, the answer came to me.

We call her our “silver bullet”, and I will never forget the day my husband came home with her. His chest swelled with pride as though he had just hunted us down the biggest, fattest pig ever that was going to keep us fed for years to come.

I was so grateful. She sparkled with her shiny paint and fancy sliding doors. She was a dream come true. And she has proved particularly helpful considering more of her seats are filled now than we originally aniticipated!

I have to confess; she’s a mom car. She gets beaten up a bit. And neglected. All for the greater good, but still. The past few weeks (okay, maybe months) I have noticed she needs a vacuum taken to her insides as the stray animal crackers, cheese-it crumbs, and general grime have been accumulating to epic proportions.

But I kept putting it off thinking, “What’s a few crumbs mixed in with all the stains?” Because vacuuming will only get her so clean. She’s got a plethora of permanent scars now. (Note the picture of the floor mat as only one example.)

And as I finally took the time to clean her up I smiled to myself. Those stains have come from holding a lot of life in her seats. My van may not sparkle like she did the day we got her, but she has served us faithfully and valiantly. And I find her even more beautiful now than I did then.

She and I may have more in common than I want to admit. Perhaps I was a blushing bride on our wedding day, but the truth is I have sustained some damage over the years as well.

Stretch marks. Bulging veins. Hands that have aged from endless washings after diaper changes, cleaning toilets, and cooking countless dinners. And now the wrinkles are setting in. Oh the wrinkles.

I have to admit, I am not too thrilled about all of it. But I’m not ashamed of it either.

Raising a family with the man that I love is has required more from me than I ever thought it would. And it is worth every ounce, every “stain” I acquired along the way.

Funny how a definition of beauty can change over time.

10 thoughts on “my minivan and me

  1. First of all, that picture is stunning! Stunning.

    Second of all, am I a weirdo for tearing up at that post? It was really beautiful.

  2. Agreed! Beautiful post and a beautiful bride who has become an even more beautiful woman of wisdom!

  3. Marge Cordova says:

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    Becca: What a writer and Mom you must be. I miss seeing and hearing from you. You and your family are always in my prayers like all young families. Love Ya

  4. LOVE this. I have to say, too – we had a family van growing up that became increasingly beat-up and destroyed after years of “living.” It was the car we vacationed in, the car I learned how to drive with, the car my friends and I loved because it was in such bad shape and looked so silly and weird (and could fit so many of us!). I miss that van as much as I miss my childhood family pets. So much history can be built up inside of THINGS, and I love the way our love for them grows with us. xoxoxo

    • Rebecca Koo says:

      That is so fun! Thank you for sharing that with me! Sometimes I think I am silly for becoming attached to things, but I love your way of putting it that “so much history can be built up inside of things” and that “our love for them grows with us”! That is a beautiful way of seeing it! Thank you my friend!

  5. Amy Schneider says:


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