eyes to see

Sometimes I need help remembering what life is like from his perspective. I have a tendency to be human and forget that not everyone sees from my point of view. Especially my children.

When one of them gets a hold of my camera and starts snapping, there are often at least one or two pictures that shock it into me. Life literally looks different when you are the size of a child.

This time it was the youngest. He looks up at things I look down on. He sees things I ignore. He treasures things I want put away.

And somehow seeing that different perspective captured in an actual image that was taken with one part creative license and another part random chance drives the point home to me clearly.

My perspective is not invalid. And neither is his. But they are entirely different from one another.

My parenting may not change much as a result. Except for my understanding and compassion for my children. Which is everything, really.

So thank you, my son, for asking to take pictures with my camera. And thank you, me, for saying yes and being willing to let someone small handle something big that cost a good chunk of money.

Because out of it comes a priceless reminder that my set of eyes is not the only one in the world. That life is different when you’re four. Or eight. Or almost twelve. Or anyone besides me.

6 thoughts on “eyes to see

  1. shittydad says:

    I like the post, and LOVE the cheez-it pic.

  2. Simon Marsh says:

    WAY TO GO! Already the young fellow has some grasp of the photographer’s rule of thirds. Well done you for handing over the precious camera. I treat mine with kid gloves and it’s high honour indeed if I hand it over to you.

    All sorts of parables here though. About the younger sincerely wanting to emulate / share in the joy and the creativity of the elder; about letting go, and the huge blessings / results that can come out of taking risks; and the really big one for me in this lovely post: “My perspective is not invalid. And neither is his. But they are entirely different from one another.”

    Oh, if only all humankind / nations / religions / philosophers / lovers / educators / parents / friends and neighbours could grasp this and remember it. That’s the thing. I’ve grasped it right enough but too easily forget it when it’s really important that I / we remember. Rebecca, your writing really does arise out of the heart of a muse. You always give your readers something to reflect on. For the umpteenth time, but no less sincerely for that, thank you 🙂

    • Rebecca Koo says:

      Simon! I cannot believe I did not respond to this beautiful comment yet! Shows you how my life picks up from time to time without a moment’s notice and I disappear from cyber-world for a few days! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You truly have eyes to see everywhere you look! And yes, I would love that the whole world could see valid but different points of view…..and yet all I am given to control is myself and this one is easy for me to forget, too. But the joy and hope and promise for our future is that we also keep remembering!!! Thank you, my dear Simon!!!

  3. Cozziscorner says:

    This post is very true. I took a child development class a few years ago and I remember the main focus was on the eyes of a child. They see things we do not, their interest are much more fun and in depth. This class opened my eyes to their world. Its a neat thing but of course I too fall back into adulthood and forget to look through them. Thanks for sharing!

    • Rebecca Koo says:

      Thank YOU so very much for reading and commenting. So great to hear! The development class you took sounds very interesting and eye opening! Thank you for sharing!

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