wait a minute….

Sometimes I think I am the only person in my family who knows what waiting is. How hard it can be. How much I have to bite my tongue, try not to roll my eyes, keep myself from heaving that heavy sigh that says, “Please. hurry. up.

How foolish I am when I think such a thing. Of course I am not the only one required to wait. Children wait all the time. And my children happen to have the chattiest mother on the planet, so they wait even more than most.

But in the last few years, this practice of waiting for people I love has become beautiful to me, when I take the time to do it…..well.

When my four year old has something to say, I squat down and look him in the eyes and wait while his growing brain searches for his words. I see his earnestness, his eagerness, his excitement, his elation. All those things his eyes say better than his words anyway. All because I’m waiting.

And my eldest, the pre-teen who might just open up after I turn the lights out if I linger a moment or two longer, rather than hurrying off in anticipation of that time of my day when I am finally off duty.

And my sweet, sweet middle son who is coming into his own this year. He is the one who brings playfulness along with him where ever he goes. And if I hurry him along, refusing to wait and allow space for him to be who he is I will miss the play in my life entirely. I will miss him entirely.

And let’s just say that if I never waited for my husband to finish that one last thing (he is the KING of one last things) when I have all three boys and me in the van and ready to go, he would never come along with us anywhere. To anything. And without him I would miss the humor and delight in my marriage.

So I keep practicing waiting. And I think I am actually getting better at it. I believe it is a sacred art of sorts, involving the same letting go and seeing where the process takes me as creating does.

Waiting is the relinquishing of what I want, the destination I am headed toward, the timeline I want my life to move on and creating space for something I would not have otherwise anticipated, seeing where the wait takes me, what it reveals to me about myself and the people and world around me.

Waiting is a such a small thing, but it tells someone they are important enough for me to set aside the rest of the world that is vying for my attention and do nothing out of reverence for them.

And that is no small thing at all. 

22 thoughts on “wait a minute….

  1. Great post Rebecca! So true:)

  2. Andrew says:

    Wow. That was a way more elegant way of doing that than I ever could. I usually say “shut up and sit down for a minute.”

  3. Roxanne says:

    Loved this Rebecca! So true and beautifully said.

  4. persuaded2go says:

    All I know is that when I pray for patience, I end up having MORE things to wait for! It’s an art that cannot be discovered it must be uncovered.

  5. SOOOO good!! I totally emailed Carl since I am his QUEEN of “one last thing”! 🙂 Beautiful reminder that makes me look forward with anticipation to the next opportunity I have to wait for someone!

  6. Thank you Rebecca. Very helpful and challenging. You make me think that it is better to wait well for people than be getting on with things.

  7. Simon Marsh says:

    I’m grateful for karenscandles – for encouraging me to believe that “one last thing” isn’t just a man thing! If I’m not the world champion then I’m at least UK gold.

    Wonderful post, as ever, Rebecca. One of my favourite books, by W H Vanstone, is loved as much for its title as for the theology it expounds: The Stature of Waiting.

    • Rebecca Koo says:

      Hahahaha! Too funny! Yes, karenscandles is my sister, Karen, and she LOVES reading your comments as much as I do! And as her sister I assure you there are female versions of “one last thing”! I will have to look into that book, the title alone draws me in! Thank you, Simon! As always, so lovely to hear what you have to say!

  8. Suz says:

    Oh, Becca, I just love the way you express these real life moments and how you challenge me to wait better! Thanks!

  9. This is so, so beautiful Rebecca. I love how you’ve take the ordinary – and often frustrating – experience of waiting and turned it into a testament of love. One of my favorites of yours so far. xoxoxo

  10. jaclyn says:

    Becca, love this!!

    I hate waiting so thank you for the reminder to stop and enjoy the moment of waiting.

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