mac&cheese wednesdays

What is her top strength? I have a hard time choosing. Administration, organization, execution of a well-thought out plan, attention to detail, to name a few. But the one I think of on a weekly basis is creating traditions.

I am not particularly strong in this area, but I do appreciate the value they bring. Traditions give me pegs to hold on to through my life. This world is constantly shifting and sometimes that can be crazy-making.

Traditions are one of the things I hold to for comfort and security when the ground might be coming out from underneath me.

And every week, I think of these things because there is a tradition I am upholding. I think of it as my secret time with her. During this period when time and space and a few other things don’t allow for much.

She fills my mind as I follow the recipe with only five ingredients. Pure, unadulterated macaroni and cheese. Not messed up with all the funny business other recipes add to make things fancy. My kids love it. The one meal I get NO complaints over.

And lately on mac & cheese Wednesdays, I think of another tradition she created. I confess I did not embrace that one warmly. In fact, I think it could be argued that I fought it every step of the way. Independence. 

But now, since my healing, my putting-back-together, I appreciate the strength I had to ask for help, to take care of myself, to separate from what others might think and be me.

They all harken back to that tradition of independence. Blazing a trail. Being my own person. And I am deeply grateful. I am forever changed because of this tradition.

And all of that simmers inside of me and comforts me as my home fills with the familiar aroma. I open the oven door and hear the sound the bubbles make when the dish is cooked to just the right temperature and my heart expands. A meal can be so much more than food.

I will always have one of the best parts of her with me in the traditions.

What is your favorite meal and what does it connect you to?

4 thoughts on “mac&cheese wednesdays

  1. theharbormom says:

    Why isn’t the recipe included? Just sayin…

  2. theharbormom says:

    Oh, and I make an incredible lasagna. It makes me feel like a better cook than I actually am! Next, I’m mastering the Pie.

  3. Simon Marsh says:

    Love this, Rebecca. My favourite meal is probably still sausages, chips, (fries) and baked beans. (Yeah, I know I’m supposed to favour all the healthy stuff, too!) I remember the butcher’s shop, my little sister’s “ladybird dress”, the cuckoo clock on the wall, and my mother telling me “you’ll look like a sausage if you’re not careful!” Goodness me. You have such a gift for evocation – and – obviously, for a lovely and appreciated family life.

    Yes, yes, a meal can be so much more than food … preparation, warming, transforming, growing, stirring, dreaming, familiar safe place, relationship, remembering, speaking, musing, creating, laughing, crying, healing. Sometimes we all just need a little prompt, like this beautifully written post, to notice, to respond. You number amongst the friends I always want to encourage to “keep writing” … and singing your song 😉 x

    • Rebecca Koo says:

      Thank you, Simon! I am so very encouraged by you! You have an incredible gift for listening and connecting which is part of why I love your replies so much! Thank you!

      Love what you said about food and all the host of things you listed that come along with. Beautiful.

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