Why do I always need reminders? Don’t get me wrong, I know one gigantic reason is that ½ my brain cells were lost with each baby I gave birth to (and let’s remember I have three children). But I need reminders about more than just, “Where are my keys?” and, “What time does karate start?” and, “Which night is open house again?”

I need reminders about the important things in life. That is why I love reading Francesca Zelnick’s blog so much. She reminds me that there is beauty and love in this world. Because for some reason I am prone to forgetting.

My reminders often come in unexpected, seemingly random ways. Except they seem to be timed just perfectly for what I need when I need it. Funny.

Like a few days ago when I dropped my middle son off at school. I took my youngest to give his daily hello and fist bump to one of our favorite teachers and she had eggs hatching in her room.

I know. So cute, right?

Those new little chicks were a desperately needed reminder to me that new life is just around the corner. I never know when that egg will crack and something beautiful, in an ugly sort of way, will come out and warm my heart.

Once the chicks get fluffy, they are irresistibly adorable. But before that, when they first emerge from their shell, their feathers are wet, their heads are floppy, their feet are well too big for them, and they can’t seem to stand up straight.

And they are so very sleepy. Breaking out of the shell that once was protective and nurturing but now is cramped and restrictive is difficult work. The poor things just look exhausted.

But they are born.

And I am like those chicks, struggling to get my true self out of the shell. There is always something new birthing inside of me. And sometimes there is so much struggle involved in that process. It can feel endless.

So I soaked in those chicks this week because they reminded me. Hope.

Because sometimes, I simply forget.

My new life is around the corner, too.

10 thoughts on “reminders

  1. Love it! I was particularly enjoying sharing your blog with a friend who hadn’t yet indulged herself today! This is such an encouraging post! Besides, I hope we get to get together soon and color some eggs that won’t be hatching!

  2. This is so, SO great, Rebecca!! I love the idea of you, of us, “struggling to get my true self out of the shell.” I think that speaks so beautifully to the common human experience. Wonderful.

    And thanks so much for the “shout-out”! I feel the same way about you. 🙂 So grateful for you, “chicky.” ❤

  3. Susan says:

    Sooooo right on! I love the part that it is messy and kind of ugly. But birth is, isn’t it! Yet new life is exciting and hope filled. I need to soak in the chickies too. Thanks, Becca!!

  4. Bailey says:

    You make me think that maybe I needed to hatch eggs this year more than ever!

  5. New life for us is often messy and stressful and tiring… but so worth it in the long run. I’m so thankful that God is patient with us in the process. I’ll try to drop you another line soon now that I’m stronger and healther… and less pooped myself. 🙂

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