you matter

Her words cut through my heart. There was such beauty there in the room. They were showing me where they are vulnerable. They want to be loved. I can relate.

I looked around my family room and saw a half dozen faces of young people. College. Post-college. This is not an uncommon view from my spot on the couch. We love them, my husband and I. They love our children and fill our home with life and energy and eyes dancing with eagerness.

I asked them the question I am always baffled by. Why do you like coming here? What do you get out of spending time with our crazy family circus?

“You’re real.”

“It’s honest here.”

“We are welcomed; accepted.”

“We don’t have to be our best; we can let our guards down.”

And then it was her turn. She has no idea how beautiful she is. Her purity of spirit shows through. She is honest and vulnerable and stunning.

Her voice, quiet and true said, “We are little college students, but we matter to you.”

I looked down at the journal I had been taking notes in. The pen in my hand froze between my fingers. I heard my heart pound in my ears. My gut felt like it had been punched, not by a fist but by words that were true and meaningful and struck a chord in me.

Because you do. You matter. Not just to us, but you matter in life.

I know it doesn’t feel that way. The world tells you that you are not enough. That you count for nothing. That you don’t know who you are. That you have not accomplished enough. That you are not worth the time someone would spend on loving you.

The world lies.

You are infinitely valuable. Each and every one of you.

15 thoughts on “you matter

  1. It was a weepy day for me…and this made it more so! Hope you got my voicemail so you could get the impact of how this touched me and made me think of the SO MANY people I’m blessed to have matter to me and that I matter to. Thanks for putting it so well!! Love you!

    • itsakoolife says:

      I will go and listen right now. We had a full day with lots of outings and I just settled down after getting the boys down. Thanks for always letting me know when my writing touches you.

  2. Susan says:

    Wow! Must process this. Been struggling with believing this all weekend. Thanks so much, Becca, for you precious words!

  3. Andrea says:

    I read it, I cried, and I am trying to believe it. In the middle of the storm that has, in the past 4 weeks, become my life, I don’t seem to matter at all. Of sure, my children need me – after all, food, shelter and cell phone service are the fruit of my labor, but to the adult world I am invisible. . From the people I sit next to in meetings at work, to my FB “Friends” and the people at church. I know they see me, but I realize my presence is not essential. Some haven’t noticed my kife has changed, some know and still don’t reach out. I see people connecting and supporting and loving each other and I am on the outside looking in. I wonder how did I miss my turn at the friend factory picking out my BFF? In the meantime, I’m keeping your words printed out, praying that soon they’ll feel true.

    • itsakoolife says:

      Thank you for leaving such a personal and vulnerable piece of yourself here. I am honored. I don’t know what’s going on in your world, but you DO matter. I hurt for you what ever is going on and I hope the days to come will bring you tangible expressions of love all around you. I am grateful that somehow the words in this post spoke to you.

  4. If you make your home a place of love and respect where strangers are welcome, people will like to go there. You have done! 🙂

  5. […] His shaggy hair matches his scruffy looking beard with their curls and hues of strawberry blonde. Everyone gets a smile and a cheerful voice, but nothing over-zealous. It is early on Saturday, after all and this is a gentle man. Intentional eye contact is made with each and every person. I watch as something invisible inside his soul seems to whisper to each of us, “You matter.” […]

  6. One of my best friend and I talk a lot about this. We try to see and make sure our students know they matter.

    He got so exited about this so that he went of running a round the place grabbing one student at a time and almost yelling “YOU matter” and “YOU matter” and so on.

    It was hilarious but good I think

    everyone matters, everyone can make a difference small all big does not matter. it is good you point out that media or business wmakes fell we don’t matter. That is all about money. if we are not happy the way we are then we have to buy things and services to try and change that. Hope more people start calling the bluff.

    perfect love 😉

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