my treasure hunt

Her words saved me. I woke up after that naked day still in a fog from life. Since I spent the day before naked, today I was going to dig around inside of me to see if I could muster an ounce or two of umph.

But on the way home from the gym I started thinking about some sad realities I am facing. Realities that have nothing to do with writing but are all to do with more important parts of life. Relationships and people. Broken people I cannot help fix. Finding some umph was looking pretty dismal.

But then I began checking the blogs I follow. I read the words of my new favorite writer and I practically cried right then and there in front of my laptop. There is something incredibly moving when receiving words made just for you in that moment, offering you hope when you were beginning to wonder if such a thing existed anymore.

Keep searching. There is treasure to be found in this life. Beauty is all around and gives us life. It is worth the effort to keep your eyes open and look for it. Even when the energy required for doing so seems impossible.

So I took the child with the soul of an artist with me and we headed to a park we visited a few weeks ago with friends. The place is full of textures and sculptures and flowers and space and I have wanted to get back there with a camera ever since.

The fresh air soothed my raw soul. Being with only one child soothed my raw nerves. My pictures did not do justice to what I saw with my eyes, but the fact that I was there and attempting was a miracle.

I was not completely healed in that one outing, but I got just enough to carry me through to the next moment. And that is when I realized the words of Francesca Zelnick had saved me.

7 thoughts on “my treasure hunt

  1. Marc Reeve says:

    That’s some beautiful photography there. I particularly like the one of the chunks of wood – at first glance it looks like a black and white photo, with all the shades of grey. (Which is a good metaphor for life, as long as you don’t get lost in the shades.)

  2. I love the lighting, and the depth of field, which my pointandshoot does not manage. My favourite is the creeper on the stones, the steps leading eye and thoughts upwards. I find myself imagining beyond the edges of the picture.

  3. Oh sweet blogger friend, I am so incredibly honored. I’ve had a rough couple of days (which I hope to write about tomorrow) and this is just what I needed. You’ve saved me, too. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ❤

    • Rebecca Koo says:

      Francesca! Thank you for coming and reading and I am so glad to hear that this gave you some life back from what you gave me. I truly do love your writing. Thank you!!! ❤

  4. […] was I drawn to the water that day? I was on another treasure hunt, looking for something intangible. I hate that place of knowing I need something but not knowing […]

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